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  • Harness the power of 100% Tax-Deductible Benefits & Bonus Depreciation.

  • Leverage money you're already spending to eliminate existing debt
    and learn how to generate new residual cash flows.

  • Mitigate the risk of depreciating real estate values.

  • Take control of your mortgage:

    • Cancel amortized interest.

    • Harness the power of institutional interest accumulation, and float strategies.

    • Maximize the time-value of your money through appreciative asset classes.

    • Strategic pay-off & advanced positioning strategies for debt obligations.

    • Re-position and maximize idle money residually to work for you.

    • Learn to harness your HELOC as a "Weapon of Debt Destruction!"

Your Mortgage Strategy Effectively

Determines Your Future!

iCovest Capital Group Mortgage Loan Originators are qualified to present you with the best products available on the market from a myriad of leading lenders...and as "Strategic Philanthropists" we're all altruists looking to empower you and your community with financial literacy via mortgage strategies that can take you from 
"Main Street" to "Financial Elite!"

of Working With
iCovest Capital
Strategic Philanthropists &
Mortgage Loan Specialists

There are several advantages in choosing to engage the independent mortgage broker services of iCovest Capital Group ("iCG") over the boxed services offered by banks or other corporate mortgage bankers.

iCG has direct relationships with several leading lenders that we may qualify your loan application with.  This really allows us to be more versatile when finding the most competitive loan product to meet your needs.  Especially for borrower’s with special needs on more difficult loans such as challenged credit scores, or income verification issues, we not only can find the best solutions to fit your need, but in many cases significantly improve your financial and credit position in the process! 

In these cases iCG has several different lenders that have lower requirements or programs than available with banks or corporate mortgage bankers.  iCG will save you significant time and money from applying with multiple lenders to find one that can help you today!

iCovest Capital Group Real Benefits:

  • We have access to multiple lenders to find the best rates and lowest fees.

  • We have more options for people with challenged credit and for those who are looking to build and grow passive wealth portfolios with real estate.

  • We are more knowledgeable not only about loan products, but can tailor strategies to help your family eliminate debt and/or free up your living margin to create new cash flows.

  • We have access to more loan programs than Banks and Corporate Lenders.

  • We have an seamless integrated online secure borrower portal that links you in real time from your PC or Mobile device to your Mortgage Loan Originator, Loan Processor and Underwriter so that you will know exactly where you are during your approval to loan funding status!

    • Through your borrower portal, it's easy to communicate with your iCG representatives to check on your loan status via Mobile Phone or PC.

  • If you are near one of our local hubs, you can schedule a face to face meeting with a local iCG MLO / Strategic Philanthropist.

We Increase Your Living Margin by Freeing-up Your Cash Flow... 
 You Can Build Real Wealth!

iCovest Mission Profile

iCovest Capital Group believes in empowering you with mortgage strategies that will improve your current financial position.  The solution dwells on our community's ability to acquire better financial literacy education that can increase individual capital management skills, coupled with a clear direction of where you want to go!

iCovest can drawn a map on how to get from wherever you are to where you want to be, and we have the outlined discipline and fortitude required for you to get there.  We also teach and guide you through the mortgage loan process to reveal little known secrets about your mortgage required for you to finish well.

So, while the concept of creating and growing wealth is easy to understand in theory, execution on the other hand is a challenge for many, and your mortgage strategy has a lot to do with your endgame!  Contrary to the conventional example, most who strive for “financial independence” never reach it.  However, iCG's mission objective is not only to empower you with knowledge at a higher level of financial literacy, but to equip you with the tools along your journey so that your chances are significantly improved. 

Those who say iCovest because iCare, believe it makes better sense to be interdependent, learning and growing together with others in our community who have been there and already know the way. 

One key characteristic of the ultra wealthy … they don’t do it alone.


The Cash Flow Quadrant is a model formally outlined by Robert Kiyosaki.  It is the essential first phase toward achieving financial freedom, and
a necessary vehicle for creating passive cash flow through leverage, and getting your money to work for you, rather than you endlessly working for your money.



It's not how much money you make,
but how much money you keep, 
how hard it works for you, and
how many generations you keep it for.
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